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Shadesail CLASSIC
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Shade Sail CLASSIC

Shadesail CLASSIC

RETRACTABLE Rectangular              Shade SAIL

CLASSIC – the retractable CLASSIC shade sail has the same rectangular shape as a wall mounted folding arm awning, but is capable of covering much larger areas than these conventional wall mounted awnings. Conventional wall mounted awnings are  limited in size by projections of  3 to 4 m maximum, because small gusts of wind would already exert unacceptable high forces on the wall.

The CLASSIC shade sail is also mounted on the wall, but  has two extra supports in the garden, which allows for projections of up to 5 m without exerting  unacceptable  forces on the wall. It is therefore much better suited to put your whole terrace in the shade….

In addition to the functional properties, to protect against the sun and an occasional  rainshower, the shadesail with its unique design will beautify your terrace, garden, patio or balcony. Every shade sail is custom made. Form, colour and dimensions can be chosen freely.

The CLASSIC shade sail is available in different versions, all fitted with the same high quality shade sail fabric.

The CLASSIC DELUX is equipped with a more robust spring system and an autonomous weather station which automatically unfolds the awning at sunny conditions. If wind velocities exceed 50 km/hr the awning retracts automatically for safety reasons. The shade sail is designed for use up to wind force 7 Beaufort.

There is also a version with a lighter design which is lower priced. The system is designed for use up to wind force 5 Beaufort. This shade sail can be equipped with a remote controlled electric motor, that you can operate from the comfort of your lounge chair, CLASSIC EZ (Easy). This shade sail can also be equipped with a patented manual operating system, that requires only little force operate the shade sail easily and quickly, CLASSIC M (Manual).