Sassus Sunsails

Installation plan CLASSIC24
support with baseplate 80 degrees
support with baseplate 90 degrees

Shadesail CLASSIC24


The CLASSIC24 requires four mounting points. Two brackets will be mounted on the wall, that hold the mast with rectangular sunsail. Opposite from the mast two poles on screw foundations will be erected with height adjustable points. From these points a rope and pulley system will unfold the sail and put it under tension. To ensure proper draining of rainwater from the sail it is recommended to install the mast on the wall at a minimum height of 3.0 m. If needed, the mast may also be mounted lower, but care must be taken to avoid formation of large waterpools on the sail when raining. Above the mast another 40 cm of space is needed on the wall to install the two brackets for the mast. The distance between the two brackets is 6.04 m.

It is also possible to order the CLASSIC24 for mounting on other surfaces. Supports with a round base plate in 90 and 80 degrees are available for installation on a solid surface.

For modifications to the CLASSIC24 package we kindly ask you to contact us.

The CLASSIC24 package includes a step by step installation manual, which will make the installation easy to understand and simple to do.