Sassus Sunsails

projection of shadesail on the ground
Installation points on the wall
Support with round baseplate 80
Support with round baseplate 90

Shadesail TWINSAIL 24


The Twinsail24 needs 4 mounting points, which are layed out in the form of a diamond and requires a minimum area of 7 m wide and 5 m deep. In the standard configuration of the TWS24, two points are fixed on the wall and two are mounted on freestanding poles in the ground.

For point A, where the bracket for the mast will be mounted, a minimum height of 3.20 m is recommended to ensure proper draining of rainwater. Above point A another 50 cm space is required for the bracket itself. If needed, point A may also be mounted lower, but care must be taken to avoid formation of large waterpools on the sail when raining. For point D, where the eyebolt for the sailend will be mounted, a minimum height of 2 m is recommended. Between point A and D there needs to be a minimum distance of 5.20 m, which might be choosen larger if needed.

The wall brackets and two free standing poles with screw foundations are included in the TWS24 package (see parts list). It is also possible to order the TWS24 for mounting on other surfaces. Supports with a round base plate in 90 and 80 degrees are available for installation on a solid surface.

It is also possible to set up the TWS24 as a freestanding unit on 4  poles.

For modifications to the TWS24 package we kindly ask you to contact us or complete the request form for advice and price quotation.

The TWS24 package includes a step by step installation manual, which will make the installation easy to understand and simple to do.