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automatic controlled retractable shade sail DELUX
manually operated retractable shade sail BASIC
retractable rectangular shade sail CLASSIC
manually operated retractable shade sail TWS24
manually operated retractable rectangular shade sail CLASSIC24

retractable shade sail awnings

Welcome to Sassus Shade Sail Awnings. We are specialized in retractable shade sail awnings in different forms, sizes, colours and prizes, which are all suitable to protect against sun and rain. In our climate it is important that sunshades also protect us from rain, so an occasional shower cannot spoil our life outside as we planned it. Sassus shade sail awnings, whether electrically driven or manually operated, are all designed to the highest standards and manufactured with superior quality materials in our factory in Vienna.

Retractable shade sail awnings are always mounted on 4 points. The shade sails are folded on a central mast and unfolded through a rope and pulley system. They are available in different designs, of which the most common consists of a central mast with two triangular sails.

Most shade sails are custom made for an individual terrace, but we also offer standard shade sails, which have fixed dimensions, lower cost and are delivered from stock.


These can be custom made for an individual terrace and equipped with an automatic control with a wind sensor, such as the shade sail DELUX

The same custom made shade sail can also be fitted on a lighter system for use with our patented manual drivethe shade sail  BASIC. This shade sail is more favourable in price, but nevertheless protects your terrace against sun and rain just as well. 

For those who prefer the traditional retractable rectangular awning, but which might not work because its limited size, we designed larger rectangular custom made shade sails, called CLASSIC. These can be  fully automatic, equipped with  an automatic control and a wind sensor , or alternatively equipped with our patented  manual operating system, which has a more favourable price and nevertheless protects your terrace against sun and rain just as well


Our standard retractable shade sails  have a 6m long mast with a sail of 24 m2 area with fixed dimensions. These can be equipped with an electric motor with a remote control, Type EZ, or equipped with our patented manual operating system, Type M. The standard shade sails are available as a central mast with two triangular sails of 12 m2 each the TWS24, or as a wall mounted mast, fitted with a 22m2 rectangular sail, the CLASSIC24.

These retractable shade sails form a perfect fit for terraces from 4 up to 6 m wide and 6 up to 8 m long. They are supplied as a complete package and can be ordered on the website.

These standard retractable shade sails are designed for Do-it-yourself installation for which easy to install instructions are available. You can also have the shade sail installed by one of our professional partners, from whom you can request a quotation via email or the contact form on this website. 

If you have any questions please contact us or our partners, give us a call, send us an email or return the contact form.